Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holy Tex-Mex!

Hey Dallasites! Did you know? I just found out. I just read my favorite mexican restaurant chain was sold. El Fenix has been a staple of Dallas since 1918. They have the best Tex-Mex around these parts. I am totally addicted to their cheese enchiladas, there is nothing like them. I compare any cheese enchiladas I try to theirs and have found none compared. I hope the new owner leaves the menu alone. I did read the new owners wanted to expand and that Grand Prairie and Rockwall and some other cities were lacking an El Fenix, which I've been saying for years, lol.

My family has a small personal history with them from a long, long time ago. My grandfather and grandmother knew the Martinez boys. My aunt swears she is the child of an affair my grandmother had with one of them, though my grandmother claimed she is a lunatic and that never happened, but who knows, that side of my family has some weird history.

My grandmother would tell me this story that way back when, my grandfather would open the door to the downtown Dallas El Fenix and throw his hat inside. If they kept his hat, they wanted him to come eat, if they threw it out, they didn't want him, lol.

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