Thursday, June 12, 2008

Part 2 of The Hippie Cookbook or Who know what Truck Farm is?

So in the last couple days I've finally had a chance to delve into The Hippie Cookbook. My oh my, is this an odd little book. I really love it though, and I can't wait to try some of the recipes. Helter Skelter Stew, Psychedelic Hamburgers, Earth Mother's Bread - the bread recipe looks nice because it has several variations of bread.

And I am going to try Rose Petal Jam very, very soon, as soon as I can find an organic source for roses. Check out this Rose Petal Jam - she made thumbprint cookies with it. And here is the recipe from the picture, along with a yummy bread recipe.

Do you know what a truck farm is? Me neither. It is essentially a wooden box you construct and then put on the roof of your car add black dirt and chicken coop scrapings, then plant your seeds, but make sure you plant high wind resistant seeds. And....if it doesn't rain, you can water them by going through a car wash. Does this not sound like something the global warming people would do? I can just see new hybrid cars coming with a farm box on top.

And it gets better...

There is also an entire section on how to cook on the engine of your car while you are traveling cross country. One of the recipes is called Piston Lickin Chicken. I have a strange desire to see if this works, lol.

Another interesting section is the one about cooking naked. Apparently it is good for your food and your body, and you should get all your friends to come on over and do it too.

And also did you know that those old wood stoves are the best way to cook? The gas and electric stoves don't import the "groovy vibrations" into your food like an old wood stove can.


Devadeva Mirel said...

who are you...and why the hell did you link my blog??? no...really...thanks! and i am happy i discovered your pinkness.

Grabe said...

happy i discovered your blog. wonderful review of my book.
all the best,
gordon grabe