Friday, June 20, 2008

Make Her Own Earrings & Show

So I've been sort of teaching myself and Ms Em to make jewelry, and Ms Em just got to take out her earrings after 6 weeks ago getting them pierced. She's been wearing all kinds of earrings, so I bought a little package of wires and earring sets so she and I could make her some. She ended up doing most of the work herself afer I showed her what to do.

This is the book I picked up on clearance at Half Price Books for about $3.00. I thought a kid's book might have easier instructions with better pictures, and it's a great book with lots of ideas and clear instructions.

So without further delay, here are the pics she requested I take of her 2 new sets of earrings she made herself. I love the Eiffel tower ones, but pink is my favorite color as we all know, lol. I might have to make some for myself. I got these charms off of eBay, they are so cute!!

Sorry for giant pics, I used photobucket instead of blogger this time.



I think we are going to have to get some other charms and make some more earrings. I have some fertility goddess charms I got off eBay that I must make into some earrings for me. I love fertility goddess jewelry. I already have a necklace and braclet from a swap with a friend a few years ago. But first our next project is an earring holder for all of Ms Em's new earring. Otherwise very soon, we will no longer have pairs of earrings. Stay tuned for a make and show this weekend.

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