Friday, August 03, 2012

Don't you just hate Netflix when....

you find a show you LOVE, and it's been canceled?

Before I whine about this, I am honestly not a spokeperson for Roku, I just love that thing.  

We don't have regular tv or cable tv or even satellite tv.  We have a Roku in both our living room and bedroom.  We subscribe to Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus.  So, what used to be a $70 satellite tv bill (of which was one of the lowest packages we could find) is now about $20/month.  Woohoo!  Plus, we can watch it all on our iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  Seriously, if you want to cut the cable bill, you can do it a lot cheaper as long as you have a decent internet connection with Roku.  And, the best thing about Roku is you don't have to have one of them fancy flat screen tv's.  Nope, it will work on the older televisions too.  Oh wait, and one more wonderful little thing -- if you lose the Roku remote, they have a FREE app for the remote on your iPhone.  Don't ask me how many times we've lost the remote and had to use the app, it's rather embarrassing.   But I digress. 

So, I've been catching up on years and years of shows I was interested in a few years ago when my life was in turmoil.  Surface, anyone?  That darn show ended on episode 15 with them trapped in the bell tower of a church after a tsunami.  What the heck?  How can you leave us hanging like that network tv?  This is why I hate network television, too. 

Then, I just discovered this Joss Whedon show called Dollhouse.  We love Joss Whedon in our house....Firefly, anyone?  How did Dollhouse get cancelled?  I'm totally hooked on it right now.  Well, that and Damages.  Oh, and do you remember Persons Unknown a couple summers ago?   That was so cool!  Then, it never came back.  I hate this Netflix.  It keeps getting me hooked on canceled shows.  I did get my husband addicted to Jericho....also cancelled, though I did hear Netflix or Hulu or somebody might resurrect it.

But Hulu has this awesome show.  You have to watch it.  It's called The Booth at the End.  If you like shows like Lost or Alfred Hitchock, you will LOVE this show.  The entire show takes place in this booth, but so much happens, you will be shocked as it progresses.  They said it's coming back for season 2, I cannot wait.  I keep checking, but no season 2 yet.  My luck, it's gonna get canceled.

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