Friday, October 19, 2007

Fabric Shopping!!

I just had to share. I happened upon reprodepot fabrics to look at something and I just couldn't pass these up. I usually never order from them because it can get expensive, but aren't these adorable??

I got these two prints for a skirt for Ms Em. It's going to be a full skirt with a flat front waistband and elastic back. I'm picturing it in my head now, so cute! The pink is going to be the waistband.

And I just can never pass robot fabric up. And this was robot knit, so Mr E is getting a t-shirt out of this.

And last but not least, I am a diehard sock monkey lover. I made him pants out of the lime green print last year, so this one was on sale for only $5/yd at reprodepot and I picked it up tonight. It's a brushed poplin. And it's so hard to find elastic waist pants at his size right now, he's getting to big for 4Ts, but regular 4/5s are way too long and I can't find many with elastic for school and he still needs to be able to rip 'em off quick for the potty.

So reprodepot has some great sale prices right now on some things. So you fabricaholics out there might want to do some shopping. I am ever the enabler :)

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