Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Poodle Skirts can be Dangerous!

So we went to my mom and dad's on Sunday to hang out, eat lunch, watch the football game (stinkin' Cowboys), and I was going to sew a fast and easy poodle skirt for Ms Em's 50's girl look. Well....the poodle skirt tried to kill me. Really.

She picked the Shocking pink felt for her skirt. My mom has this wonderful granite island in her kitchen (she upgraded it specifically for sewing when she bought the house, lol). I had the fabric laid out correctly on the granite to cut a continously circle skirt with no seam. I marked off the waist measurement to cut and went to find my mom's rotary cutter. [Insert Psycho music here] I picked the 60-mm rotary cutter as I thought it would go faster and easier with the the thick felt. So 1 second later I start to cut and then whoosh, the rotary cutter glides over the fabric and slices deep into my first finger. I grab my hand and blood starts shooting across the room, running quickly down my hand, getting all over the cabinets, all over the fabric. I ran to the sink and saw that it wasn't just washing off but getting worse, so I grab the first towel I see and apply pressure and refuse to let anyone look at it as I know I'm going to bleed to death right there while my husband watches the damn football game. So my husband and dad decide to keep the kids and not leave the football game, while my mom takes me down the ER. I'm freaking out in tears because I figure I hit something pretty big when the blood is shooting out across the room, and figure I will die bleeding out in the car on the way.

But I survive, we are in and out of the ER in 1 hour. 3 stitches and a bunch of gauze. I think the worst part is the tetantus shot I got, my arm is KILLING ME, I can barely move it, but apparently that's normal on the second day.

So that is how a poodle skirt can kill you. And now I'm scared of rotary cutters and all sharp objects too, lol.

The best part is the Joann fabric store literally a block away from the hospital, so my mom and I popped in so I could buy new fabric that wasn't bloody, after we left the ER.

I'm debating on taking a picture of my sewing wound. I'm still kinda scared to look at it. Can you believe I wanted to be a doctor?

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Jill said...

Oh darlin', wounding yourself with a rotary cutter is initiation into the "real" seamstress club - didn't anyone tell you? :) I hear horror stories about these things all the time - I don't think any training course can prepare you for using a rotary cutter, honestly. I dropped one, opened, on my foot and severed the nerve to my big toe about 10 years ago, so I can truly sympathize.