Friday, October 19, 2007

Hey dude, um, cut your damn grass

So raise your hand if you think foot tall grass is great curb appeal when selling your house? Anybody? Oh wait, hey, I think I see my next door neighbor in the back raising his hand. Yoohoo! Mr Neighbor! Let me let you in on a little secret....when people come look or drive by your house when it's for sale, they don't want to even look at it much less buy it when the grass is over a foot freakin' tall. And they sure as hell don't want to buy my house when the next door neighbor's yard is a FOOT FREAKIN TALL!! He's moved I have seriously considered calling his realtor so he can let him know to mow his damn grass. Do you think that would be tacky?

And then we have the "new" neighbors across the street. We live in a fairly nice neighborhood and these people play some kind of weird musical cars with friends or relatives or they are car thieves or possibly a family of prostitutes, as I can't quite figure out why different people spend the night there on various days and at any given time 3 or 4 different cars are there. And these same people have parties that literally do not start until 10 pm at night, who does that after their early 20s? Now they decided to park their "clunker" with the expired tags and expired inspection directly across from my driveway. Isn't that lovely? Of all the spots to park it, blocking my driveway was apparently the choice pick. It's been there for 3 months now. I've called the city on them, but apparently the city could give a rat's patootie. Can the police do something about it since it has expired tags? I have no idea. My infamous "go to hell and take your damn car with you" stare apparently has not conveyed the message to move it yet.

I got pics of the mum I made Ms. Em, and tonight I'm pulling an all nighter after I finish working to make my nemesis -- the deadly poodle skirt and its partner the pink petticoat. Wish me luck in keeping all my fingers, I'm going to attempt the cutting with my Gingher scissors. I'll have pics up tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I would def. call the realtor and I wouldn't feel bad doing it. It is the realtors responsibility to make sure everything is kept up when the house is empty. The owner should have hired a lawn service before they left but the realtor should take care of it since he hasn't. I would keep calling the city on the car to. Does your neighborhood have deed restrictions? That might cover it esp. if it has expired tags and hasn't been moved.