Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Halloween time!!!

I know, I know, I've been missing with my fun-filled posts too. I had a lot on my plate so I decided to say the hell with the internet for a little while. But I actually got caught up on stuff. I'm caught up on my school work and have created a plan to do most of it on the weekends, so now I'm totally whizzing through it. It's great - heck, I might be done and graduated by the end of the year!! So I'm making a big effort to post more from now on. So much has happened in the last couple weeks, I have to share, but I'll do it through several posts.'s favorite time of the year. I wish it was like a week long holiday or more than just once a year. I would take Halloween over Xmas any day, lol. I love to make costumes and decorate the front yard. And don't you just love the Nightmare before Christmas?? And who doesn't love trick or treating. Thank goodness I have kids, lol. So Em is going with 50s girl with a poodle skirt, and I have found this great link to make one, Poodle Skirt How To. And just and FYI to anybody else, Joann's is having a sale on 72 inch felt for only $2.99/yd. I'm going this week to find some bubblegum pink.

I need to make a crinoline to go under it this weekend, and I'm going to try to remember to do it with the camera and put up a tutorial for it. You can never find a petticoat tutorial when you need one, or so I discovered awhile back when I needed one for a particular outfit for Em. And they are fairly easy to make.

And on a completely unrelated 'bout them Cowboys?? I can't believe we are 5-0!!! We are Dallas Cowboy fans in this house. In fact my husband hated them until he married me, lol. My dad is a Cowboy's freak and my husband and dad love nothing more than falling asleep in recliners at my parents' house watching the Cowboy game on Sundays. Seriously, outside of the office, he ONLY wears Dallas Cowboy t-shirts. I'm not kidding. He's a freak. I am probably the one who keeps him in the shirts as I give him 2 of them every birthday and Xmas. But he's been a loyal fan since the beginning. I grew up with life revolving around football season and during football season, life revolved around what time the Cowboys played on Sundays, lol. He and his dad had season tickets back when they played at the Cotton Bowl many, many years ago. son's middle name is Landry for my father's love of Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboy's, lol. Heck, when we finally have baby #3 and if it's a boy, it might end up with the name Emmitt. We have an "E" thing going with our kids names, they all start with E, so #3 will have an E name too, lol.

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