Wednesday, October 10, 2007


For your chance to win a free TipToe Fairy Pattern - post in the comments your favorite halloween costume you've sewn.

It will be your choice of pattern. Contest will end Friday, October 12 at 7 PM CST. One of my little helpers will draw a name on Friday night.

I've sewn almost all of my children's costumes, there might have been maybe once or twice Em wore her costumes straight from the princesses of Disneyland. My favorite was rather simple, but I literally came up with it as I pulled out the fabric, used no pattern and it came out just I envisioned it. Mr. E's first costume was when he was 10 months old, and he was a spider. I tried to come up with something easier he would wear in the stroller since he wasn't quite walking yet that was comfortable too. So I had this super soft black cotton interlock and made a long sleeve hoodie and then I made 4 fake "arms," 2 underneath each of his sleeves. I stuffed each arm with polyfil and then just sewed 2 on each side of the shirt as I was sewing the sides up of the shirt. Then I made him matching knit pants. I had picked up one of those spider baby hats from Old Navy just for fun and that just added the perfect touch. It came out soooo cute, he got lots of compliments. There are pics on our other computer I will upload after I finish working (as you can see I'm working hard right now, aren't I? Oh the fun of working at night when the supervisor works days...ha ha ha...ssshhhh!).

My most memorable costume as a kid was when my mom had sewng a Wicked Witch (or Elphaba as I like to call her) costume for me. I remember it was a black dress with a black apron and then the hat. I wore that green face paint and it was SOOOO itchy, I clawed most of it off before the treak or treating had ended.

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