Friday, July 11, 2008

Dollar Tree Jackpot!

I took my kids to The Dollar Tree because...well, who doesn't like crap for a $1? I know I can't pass it up either, call it a weakness of mine. Technically, we were going to look for one of those long back scrubber things for me and some more art supplies as my children can use up all construction paper, pens, tape, markers, etc. in this house, but as usual we end up finding about $20 more of "must have" stuff.

My first great find was those black and white journals for $1, I picked up half a dozen to alter. And my children have been mesmorized for hours now as little archeologists (Mr E gave his "this is hard work" face for the picture). They found these eggs with dinosaur bones inside in the toy aisle. As you find the bones, you dust them and take them out, then when you are all done, the bones fit together to make a little miniature dino skeleton. Mr. E has already decided he is adding archeologist to his planned resume when he grows up. Be warned, if you happen to be a clean freak (which I am most certainly not) watch out, these are serious dust and dirt makers.

So, while going through the little crafting aisle that is usally crappity crap, I discovered they had Blue Moon beads. You know those adorable glass beads that are like $3.99 at Michael's and JoAnn's? A $1!! I bought $40 worth of beads for only $10. And they had all kinds of colors and designs. It wasn't much and I cleaned out about half the packages for them, but go check out your local Dollar Tree if you are as addicted to those beads as I am. The clerk told me they get them in all the time, but I think she's nuts because I have never seen them and I go there fairly regularly.

Also, next to the beads, they had these odd little fabric embellishments, some were crap, but others were nice and very intricate -- like crocheted and beaded embellishments to sew on. They were perfect for altered art clothing. I didn't pick up any because I couldn't figure out what I would do with them and I already had $40 worth of stuff in my shopping cart, but I they were adorable. Oh and another cool thing I picked up, little unpainted shadow boxes next to the craft stuff, about 4 x 4 inches in size. I'm going to see what of kind altered art project I can come up with for it. I really want to create a collection of vintage sewing shadow box for my new sewing studio, so I'm experimenting with one.

And that my dear friends was my trip to the Dollar Tree....the end!

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