Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday Stuff

So yesterday we were headed out to the grand opening of a place called Amazing Jakes - it's a 2 story Chuck E Cheese kinda place but with an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. They were having a special for $8 a person instead of the regular price of $20. Well, it ain't that great, and I will never pay $20/person to go to a pizza place (and that doesn't even include games! sheesh!) So if you want to go to a good one, try Incredible Pizza. They have the same kind of pizza buffet, they are a tiny bit smaller, but still HUGE and they have more games. Incredible Pizza has great service, they are so helpful and nice, and...the tables are actually clean (I am not joking when I tell you at Amazing Jakes, half the lower floor was tables and we could not find one clean table, and there were hardly any people sitting at the tables). And Incredible Pizza has specials every day of the week, Amazing Jakes does not. We like the 99 cent kids price on Tuesday and the double the money game card on Thursdays.

So on the way to the pizza place, we stopped off at my favorite antique place - Alston's Old Home Place He advertises on craig's list and I saw a few days ago he had wrought iron dress forms, so I had to go down there and picked one up. And while we were there, they were having 50% off all their knack kinda stuff, so I found these cute little mini dress forms (I have a weakness for dress forms). I don't think they are antiques, so I'm going to decoupage them into some kind of altered art look.

My husband is getting into photography and he found an old camera for $10 and when we got home, he checked it and it's worth about $75. He was very excited. Then, my dear daughter discovered these spoons. I am not sure if they are silver or just silver plated, but I've been looking for old spoons to alter for a decoration for my kitchen walls. So I was thrilled to get them.

Last night Ms Em wanted to do some crafty stuff, so we decided to decorate and decoupage those journals I picked up. Here is one I just finished. I call it "The Book of Found Things". I love to keep a journal of things I see in magazines or books, or print off the internet, just to get inspiration, and I always need a journal to quickly jot down ideas I don't have to time to make. I have this fear, I'll forget them. Ms. Em made her journal into an ode to the Jonas Brothers. I'll get a pic when it dries.

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