Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This is so COOL!!

I just discovered the most adorable hair clips on Etsy. Have you seen these? Thought bubble barrettes!! Is that not the cutest idea? I love the Star Trek ones - Resistance is Futile and I Love Data (Brent Spiner) - I'm such a Trekkie. That is such a creative idea!

I'm seriously thinking about getting one, my mother is already embarassed by the pink hair, I can't imaging what she would think if I added a thought bubble clip.

Go check out the Etsy store by clicking on the banner.

P.S. I'm updating the nursing cover/apron tutorial so it's a PDF download with some real live pictures. My sister-in-law offered to model while nursing her youngest if I cut off her head in the pictures, I compromised and cut off half her face, lol. I thought a total headless picture would be kinda strange. So it'll be up in a couple of days.

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