Sunday, February 01, 2009

Before I forget...

I have a story to tell...

So this was the first guy I went out on a date with, who actually assumed he was picking me up. I'm not sure what it's like the baggage from past relationships and marriages and kids, etc., seems to infiltrate everything and dating in your 30s is not like in college or early 20s. I think men have been morally screwed up by feminism and have no idea if chivalry is acceptable or not. I was surprised and thought it was a sweet notion since he just assumed it was the way things worked. Let me tell you a secret guys...women love chivalry...and I am sorry if there is a 0.1% of us who don't who have scared all of you into thinking we don't want that, the rest of us definitely enjoy it.

Anyway, so we were going to eat at El Fenix (so yummy...). So we were just seated and we're talking, laughing...I was having a good time. All of a sudden I hear..."Stephanie?" in an all too familiar voice. It was my childhood best friend, her kids and her parents. We are still friends, but we rarely talk. We meet once or twice a year for a get together with our familes as our mothers are good friends, and we catch up and everything, but neither one of us really work at keeping the relationship constant, lol. I think on my part it stems from her dumping me as a friend because I wasn't cool enough back in high school, lol. She wanted to be with the popular people so desperately...I was the kind of girl who didn't give a crap about popular people, so she dumped me for another girl named Stephanie (apparently 1976 was the year of the Stephanie) who had had 2 abortions before she was 14 yrs old. Quality friendship, lol.

Anyway so I know her mother told her I was getting divorced, but the look on her face when she saw I was with another man was priceless, lol. And this was a first date I was on, lol. She walks right up to him and says her name, shakes his hand, and he is a goofball and just starts playing along. The entire family looks completely uncomfortable at this point and then they disappear, lol. He and I laughed about it and then had a lovely evening.

I'm not sure what was more uncomfortable...was it the fact that I was with another man or the fact that I have gone through a complete metamorphosis since she last saw me? I used to play the part of frumpy housewife quite well. I was trapped in a miserable marriage, I wasn't happy, I didn't care because there was no reason to care. I had tried for years and then when I realized he would never want me no matter what I did, I gave up on a lot of things, myself included. Now I have hope, I'm happy, and can be the girl I really am. I'm creating my own life now. I'm girly and feminine and I've grown sophisticated in the way I present myself to the world.

I have finally grown into a woman and I like who I am now...though I'm still calling myself a girl...and don't you dare call me "ma'am," that title is reserved for 65 yr old women in polyester pants and bright red lipstick.

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