Monday, February 02, 2009

The Most Awesome CrossStich...Evah!!

Have you seen this?? Is this not awesome or what?? It's from Subversive Crossstitch. I want to decorate my entire house in these little gems. If my little crafting addiction would return to my nimble fingers, but alas I'm more interested in getting bite marks/hickeys from adult men...(totally another story that is so freaking embarrassing. Let's just say my mother is convinced, I'm sure by now, that I am indeed a whore).

Holy crap, I came across this wonderful little book perusing the Half Price Book store over by my daughter's dance studio. I giggled like a virginal school girl reading this...I know some of the workers were specifically walking by to see what the hell I was laughing adorable one in particular, lol, cuz I couldn't shut up.

Had I not had a bazillion books in my hand, I so would have bought it along with the Stupid Sock Creatures Kit too, but alas Phillipa Gregory's The Other Queen was in the new fiction section for half price and I could not pass that sucker up as I've been looking for it, for months, lol.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Enough to make me want to take up cross stitch!