Thursday, July 15, 2010

Axis of Awesome, Uncle Julios, and...Fire and Ice...oh my!

I found this great video about how closely pop songs are related. What prompted me to find it was I was on my way to the post office this afternoon when I heard Lady Gaga's new song Alejandro on the radio and I began singing Ace of Base's Don't Turn Around to it, lol. I started to wonder if maybe I was nuts, so when I got home I did a search about it and sure enough, other people thought the same thing. So to make a stupid story short, in looking at other videos about how, in fact, Alejandro does sound just like Don't Turn Around, I found this hilarious video about how songs all sound the same.

Tonight, hubby and I went to Uncle Julio's for dinner. The older kidlets were off to their dad's to visit their Meme, and we wanted mexican. Hubby hadn't been there in years, and I can't remember if I have ever been there, lol. I don't think I have. But the food and service were wonderful. The baby slept through it, it was fairly quiet as we got there close to closing time. The carne asada and the enchiladas were wonderful. After we get the check, the manager comes over with a plate full of sopapillas and says "this was your first time?" and I say yes and he says these are for us since it was my first time and puts it down in front of us for dessert, wonderfully yummy and what a treat!

You never read the reviews you need about sensitive topics in normal places (though I am not entirely normal), so I thought I'd offer my review for those new Fire and Ice Trojan condoms for mommies. After Miss Molly was born we decided for birth control purposes I didn't want any hormonal stuff like the pill or patch or ring or anything, so we've decided to just go with condoms, which is a bit weird after being pregnant forever and not needing to worry about it, lol...but I think I would go insane if I ended up pregnant this soon after having the baby. I want baby #4, and I think hubby does too, but we want to wait til Molly is well into toddlerhood before we go again.

Well...we've been trying different kinds and in one pack we got a free sample of the new Trojan Fire and Ice condoms. Conditions were perfect sleeping peacefully, older kids gone, so we had a little fun before Uncle Julio's, and used the Fire and Ice babies. Um...WOW WOW WOW!! Hubby didn't see much difference for himself, but holy guacamole!! I think I haven't enjoyed myself that much since before I was hugely pregnant. If your curious, it feels like a little bit of Icy Hot and boy does it feel good. Hubby certainly had an ego boost, and I'm glad we no longer live in an apartment ;)

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The review is thoroughly appreciated. Thanks!