Friday, July 30, 2010

Cutest things ever...little pies in little jars

I was blog reading tonight and came across a post from a couple years ago from Not Martha that was little bitty pies in little jars.  They are so cute.  I think I'm going to undertake these this weekend if I can find jars. 

I'm thinking I'm going with peach or apple. Here's the direct link for those lazy people like me....oh and here is a link for her other version with little bitty cobblers. I'm debating...pies or cobbler? 

I want to make something for my hubby's class who all took the test yesterday together.  They have one more test next Friday, and most of them are fresh out of college young single guys who probably live on fast food and never get a decent home baked anything, lol.  Plus my kids will be in love with these things.  I think I will surprise them with the idea on Sunday when they get home from their dad's.

But first...tomorrow, the kids and I will be making some lemon raspberry muffins.  I picked up a recipe book at the library yesterday, and these sound just mouthwatering. Pictures to follow tomorrow.

Uh oh, I hear a hungry baby to watch Star Trek Enterprise.  It's the whole time travel Xindi thing.  I am a trekkie, but Enterprise never did it for me when it was on a few years ago.  However, now that I'm DVRing it on SyFy, I'm really getting into it.  We need a new Star Trek series again.  I miss TNG and Voyager (so kill me, I was never into DS9). 

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