Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Math Geek + Twirly Skirt = The Analytical Twirly Skirt

Here's a treat! A twirly skirt made without a pattern, and you can make in any size with just two measurements.

Well, now my secret will be out.  After viewing this pattern, you will take a peep into how my brain works.  I am very analytical and think in math; I don't know why, and it can drive you crazy (just ask my husband). 

If you are not so good at math, then after seeing this twirly skirt pattern, you will most likely want to throw daggers at me, and I'm sorry, lol.  The reason this pattern is written in math equations is so you can literally make it in any size you want, and it comes out extra twirly.  It's so gathered that my daughter and customers have loved it, especially for twirling purposes.

Enjoy!'s good for a homeschool project for girls, so they can figure out their own measurements for a skirt.

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