Saturday, July 10, 2010

Duma Key

Holy Hell, what a book! I finished it about 2 days ago and I'm still creeped out. It's very good. I love long novels. My hubby got me into Stephen King last year. We were sitting outside an ice cream shoppe, under the awning while there was a summer rain all around us, eating our ice cream, and he read me one of King's short stories, Quitter's Inc. The pinkie finger!! I was hooked after that and have read many of his short stories since then; this was my first novel by him.

The tale of Duma Key is weaved around a middle-aged man named Edgar Freemantle who has a horrible accident involving a crane and loses his right arm and nearly his life. He's retelling the tale of how he got back to himself again. He becomes a very angry man after his accident, so for a fresh start, he moves from Minnesota to Florida to start his "other" life. He begins sketching and soon finds a whole new life as an artist, but his pictures have a supernatural quality to them you soon discover. The mystery unfolds through his pictures until the climax at the end that terrifies you. As you turn each page the anticipation of where the story will go just makes you wonder when something terrifying is going to jump out and scare the hell out of you. I would have all the lights on at 2 AM while nursing the baby and eventually I'd have to put it down and put some mindless tv on like Jersey Shore to get my pulse down again. If you like intrigue and mystery with some scare thrown in, this is a wonderful long read.

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