Monday, October 02, 2006

I mailed the Fiskars Journal!!

So I finished it today, and mailed it. I took some pictures of my journal entries. Hmmm, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them or not, lol. This one was my favorite so I'm posting it. They wanted you to pretend you were a consultant for them for the day and wanted to know what advice you'd give them or what you'd tell them about sewers (btw -- what is the different between sewers - people who sew and sewers like where sewage goes? aren't they spelled the same??).

Anyway, here is my supercool journal page:

It's essentially about Gen X'ers who like to sew. We like to be different and we love nostaglia from our childhood, so I picked some of my fave fabric from Heather Ross of munkimunki fame - she is a wonderful fabric designer with the cutest nostalgic fabric, my personal fave is the Sock Monkeys. So I thought Fiskars should work a deal with someone like that and put fun handles on their scissors.

I'll post a few more journal entries tomorrow, but it is bedtime for the kidlets and I wanna go watch my tivo'd Heroes ALONE, lol.

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