Sunday, October 15, 2006

PostSecret and Intuition

I love PostSecret I read it every Sunday. It's amazing how many of your own secrets other people have too.

Anyway there was one that came last week that he kept up there this week because he's trying to find out more information about it. Scroll all the way down to October 8th, it's a longitude/latitude and someone sent in a picture via email a few days later of something in the woods that is claiming to be what it is which seems to make it even more of a mystery.

When I first read the postcard, my first thought was some lunatic was sending in his confession where he's keeping his kidnap victim or buried a body.


On another note, I have a very scary vivid imagination and a very accurate intuition that can borderline on freaky sometimes. I like to stay in denial that it's not as accurate as it is, but a question pops in my head and within 72 hours the answer ALWAYS finds me.

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