Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dance Dance Dance Costumes!

This is the costume I made Em for her jazz solo. She danced to High School Musical's What I've Been Looking For - the one Sharpay and Ryan sing.

I based it on Kwik Sew 3410. It has a tube top thing with the skirt. I thought it was great for a dance costume. I added straps to the tube top, because I was afraid it would fall with her dancing. I made a double layer skirt so that the points are staggered on the skirts. I made matching panties underneath to go over her tights because she does lots of back limbers in this routine, lol. She got lots of compliments on it when she wore it, it really catches the light good.

I was going for the look of a one piece which is does from the stage, but it's actually a skirt and top.

I had to sew the trim on by hand. The materials for this dress cost me about $100 because the trim was very expensive and is on both layers of the skirt. I originally was just going to use the trim on the top layer, but when I was experiementing wtih the little excess I had, it looked so good with the second layer too, so I went back for more. You can't see it, but in the front is a ruffle and hiding underneath and sticking out just a bit is the same trim.

And here are some of my favorite dance pictures this year. We had 8 different costumes for pictures this year.

This is the trophy picture with her rhinestone costume for twirling solos. She won State Champion All Around Twirler this year.

This is her Lyrical solo. I was pretty close to making one for this solo, but then I found this costume on ebay and it's gorgeous, especially when she spins. She danced to The Girl I Mean to Be from The Secret Garden. It's one of my favorite songs. I think we might keep it again to do this year too.

This is the team costume for gymnastics. I really liked her scorpion pose.

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