Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fabraholics Anonymous

I'm Stephanie....and I'm addicted to fabric. (Hi Stephanie!) It started so innocently, I got an unexpected Paypal payment and....well...I couldn't help myself. I have been good for like a YEAR. An entire year, I have bought hardly anything, except dancewear fabrics that were immediately turned into dance costumes.

So I am here to confess my fabric sins, this is just some of the fabric I have bought last week. I know there are more coming, I just can't remember what they are. That is so bad, lol!
First off is the cute Tutti Fruity on black stretch twill for myself. I'm going to make capri pants. Then Mr. E has been asking for mommy to make him some t-shirts and my boy knits were just blah lately, so I decided to buy a few boy knits. And someone had this cute shark knit (I think it's Flap Happy) and then someone else had this cute little buggy knit and she was also selling one of my favorite Baby Nay prints too, Romance, oh I love that one, and it was a rib knit. And then...another person offered up overruns of the newest Baby Nay lines, and I went crazy....

Here is some of my new Baby Nay prints. This is Luau and the Puccini stripe that coordinate, both are rib knits. I'm debating on using them for myself or Em. And then the last one is Yoshi, I love that one, I think it might be my favorite. I think it will be a dress for Em. It's a rib knit too.
And here are the rest, the first two are Garage Tools and the coordinating stripe - so cute for my tool lovin' boy. And the last two are Tahiti stretch poplin and Canary bloom ribknit that coordinate - I think they are for me.

Well...holy crap, I just found out my little local fabric outlet (which is also a baby bedding outlet too) is a buyer for Baby Nay. Oh this is so exciting, I think I'm going to make a stop tomorrow morning to see if they have any fabric overruns.

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Kate said...

I have now driven myself officially nutso looking for the Baby Nay Tahiti fabric! : ) I guess it's just gone : (

Thanks for the fun blog.