Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fun at the Sprayground

We went to the sprayground last night and dh and I played with our new camera. This was one of my favorite pictures. This is dh's new toy. I got the elliptical (which I'm still totally in love with), and dh got the new Sony H7. We've had an Olympus camera forever, sadly it was only 2 megapixels, lol, so dh was dying to upgrade. I love this new camera, it can take lenses too, so it's "dslr-like". And my parents are hilarious, we bought this camera on Thursday night, and my parents came over and saw it on Friday, and my mother, ever the "mine has to be bigger than yours" goes to Costco last night and buys the Nikon D-40 DLSR, the woman never takes pictures, but she has now decided she going to quit her job as a medical transcriptionist and become a children's photographer with this camera (this is the same woman who says she doesn't like children (except for mine, wink, wink)). My mother the nut!

And to make this sewing related, I made a trip to Hancock's yesterday for some elastic and got the cutest stretch twill for ME! Isn't it adorable? I never buy myself stuff, lol. But I'm going to make capri pants with it. They had some other adorable summery stretch twills, I think I'm going to need very soon, I hope they go on sale soon, lol. Now I need to go back and get the hot pink interlock I was eyeing, I wished I'd bought it yesterday, but when am I not up for another trip to a fabric store, rofl!?

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