Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hunt for the Mermaid Surf

I just love this fabric. I have been on a hunt to find it at a local Joann's store, and initially was driving to each store. But then I learned you can call this 888 number from and they can tell you how much a particular fabric a certain store has, if you have the SKU number. So my mermaid fabric was only at 3 stores in the entire Dallas/Ft Worth area. The first two stores, some lady grabbed the entire bolt up before I could get them to hold it. And finally way up in Ft Worth almost to Weatherford, they had 6 yds and were holding it for me. mother lives halfway between Dallas and Ft Worth and I live way east of Dallas, so my sweet mother went to go get it for me at 8:30 last night and made it just before they closed. She thinks I'm crazy, but I needn't reminder her that she is the same woman that sent me and my newlywed husband through every McDonalds in East Texas for those stupid teeny beanie babies. I think I bought 100 happy meals that day, :D

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