Sunday, November 18, 2007

Antique shopping

Do you love to shop for antiques? I do. But it's kinda hard with a 3 yr old bulldozer, lol. Anyway, if you live in the Dallas area, I suggest you go over to this place. You can spend a couple of hours shopping. Alston's Old Home Place They are in downtown Garland (which has a couple of other cute antique stores as well). I recently discovered it while looking for a shabby chic style desk for Ms Em's room. Ok, ok, well I admit I found this place because of my obsession with craiglist, lol. I need a 12 step program for craigslist, but I'm stilling trying to find Mr E a bedroom set that doesn't cost arm and a leg. I had found it but darn it if someone else got to it before me, lol.

Anyway, there's an adorable little article on Alton's website about the lady that owns it, the guy Richard is her son, I think, and he's very nice. He's the one always there when we come by. It's only open Thurs-Sat. Tons of stuf to look at. And if you need a headboard for a bed, that's your place to go.

But if you see something there you like, make sure you get it and don't wait. There were these two gorgeous cabinets that looked like they had been card catalogs from a library. I don't know, could been apothecary cabinets or something. They were only $10/piece with all those cute little drawers. Well we didn't buy them last weekend because we didn't think there would be room in the car for a desk and those, so we decided to go back this past Friday to get them, and they had sold the day before. I could have cried. But oh and learn.

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