Sunday, November 18, 2007

Other uses for curtain rods and ideas for Xmas gifts

Is this not totally cute? I love it! And I'm stealing it, lol! I have a big wall in my living room that just has been screaming at me it "needs" something, and this is it. So Tuesday when I am sans chidlren, I'm going to find the perfect curtain rods for my living and Ms Em's bedroom -- as this will so cool above her bed.

And if you are interested in doing it, you can read up about it here: Curtain Rod Scrapbooking Thing
She used drapery clips to atttach the pages and she keeps the scrapbook pages in pagebook protectors.

Oh and BTW if you know where to get vintage reproduction ads that are printable as well as old antique bathroom/beauty product boxes, can you post on my comments? I'm decorating my dressing room. It came with this hideous pink striped wallpaper and I decided to work with it instead of ripping it down and create more work, lol. So I'm doing a vintage thing in it. Have you ever seen the bathrooms from Buca di Beppo's? Great family style italian place, but I love their bathrooms (ok...well I don't really want naked women pics in my dressing room, but I love the vintage stuff they have in it.)

I picked this magazine up last night. It's from Better Homes and Garden's, Quilts and More - it's a quarterly magazine I think. Anyway, it has the cutests mommy and me apron made from tea towels, so easy to make for Xmas gifts. And as I am a major bag addict, it has a cute bag, checkbook cover, and wallet to make. Oh and so much more, a skirt, adorable quilts (I'm going to make the one called On the Fly, and stockings, and I could go on and on...) So go get it! I picked mine up at Wallyworld.

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