Thursday, November 22, 2007

Who's up for Sushi...or maybe cupcakes?

So in looking for those mini hats and mittens I happened upon some stuff I had to share. First it was crochet cupcakes and sushi which led me somehow into Rice Krispie treats with fruit rollups that were made into sushi, so I thought I'd share all this fun stuff. And you have to check out this cool Etsy shop - Needle Noodles - they have the coolest crochet patterns.

Sushi and Cupcake Crochet - These are so cute, I just had to share.
Sushi and cupcake ornaments

Needle Noodles - cute Esty shop that sells patterns for all kinds of crochet food and stuff - veggies, sushi, fighters, jellyfish, etc.

Sushi Rice Krispie Treats
Recipe #1
Recipe #2
Recipe #3

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