Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Tunnel House

Okay this is just neat. And it's in Houston, so I could actually visit this.

I've been looking at ways to spruce up the house, so that's how I came across the tunnel house website.

I'm having a giganto garage sale next weekend, trying to declutter before we try doing FSBO with our house. I'm hoping that being able to cut out the realtor and lower the price a whole lotta, might sell it. It feels a little better when people come look and say our house is #1 on their list...if they can sell theirs. at least I hope that it's not some hideous beast, lol.

You know you see those "sell my house" shows on TV and the buyers are always looking at the furniture (which I'm thinking why? it's not going to be there when you move in, duh?!) so I've been trying to frugally find new furniture lately for different areas of the house to make it look like model house perfect (if you can do that with 3 bulldozers), especially Ms Em's room.

She's moving into the "tween" age and disney princesses just aren't her thing anymore, lol. Is that not weird??? I was playing with cabbage patch kids and barbies and dollhouses until I was at least 12 or 13. I still love dollhouses. My dad made mine and it was red and had wallpaper and carpets and I picked out miniature stuff for it all the time. So I clened out her room for the garage sale and changed her curtains and new bedding and moved out an ugly pink armoire that basically held junk and her room looks HUGE now. Now if we could just get furniture that all matches in there, lol.

But I I'm currently obsessed with Craigslist. Oh my gosh, you can find just about anything on there (seriously, you can find free fabric on there too!) Last week I got a cute french provencial style dresser and nightstand for $65 total! It's very shabby chic. It was going to be Em's, but I'm currently trying to get Ms Em the perfect bedroom set for $150. I'm crossing my fingers! It's girlie and white and real wood and it has a headboard, dresser, mirror, and nightstand. And I'm also trying to find Mr E a new bedroom set, he's still got the toddler stuff, which is okay since he's only 3, but I want to get him a "big boy" set soon. He's begging for a bunk bed...which ain't gonna happen...because it will mean a broken arm in the first week, I just know it.

Anyway, the other cool website I found while looking for ways to turn furniture into other things was this one - - she has lots of neat ideas, especially if you're into that shabby chic look.

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