Monday, November 26, 2007

I feel like a 5 yr old...

who's been told a secret and then told she can't tell anyone. So I'm bursting with excitement! I have the coolest tutorial coming! I made "the thing" last night so I'm writing up the tutorial today between crocheting my little advent calendar -- which by the way, I'm working on the hats right now and I decided to create my own pattern for the mini hats. I scratched it down quickly as I was crocheting the first one, so after I finish working tonight I will come back here and write out the pattern correctly. It uses crochet ribbing for the band of the hat. If you don't know how to do crochet ribbing - click here - for a tutorial.

I have blog stats that I view ever so often just to see what people are looking for when they happen upon my little blog, and I noticed a particular set of key words (and if I tell you now what those words are, you'd know what the THING is, so I can't yet) and those key words come up a lot, which surprised me as I'd never looked for them before. So I investigated and decided to create a tutorial for this particular "thing". I think it's going to be a big hit as my SIL was jumping for joy when she went with me to JoAnn's last night when I picked up the supplies.

I think pigs are flying or hell just froze over because she actually wanted to go somewhere with me. Can you believe it? She usually hates me. But she has mellowed or something. My brother and SIL, who usually exclude us from everything actually asked my mom to have a "big family party". So yesterday my mom had a big "after thanksgiving" party...technically it is for my dad's b-day but they don't want presents, so they call it After Thanksgiving Fiesta with mexican food. And lots of friends and family came and I was a nervous wreck because let's face it, I hate large groups of people. Yep, two things scare the hell out of me, parties and garage sales (seriously I panic and run when people drive up to the garage sale, weird I know, but thank goodness for my husband the official garage sale seller).

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