Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm totally famous, y'all!

Every time I go to Walmart, Miss Em and I run over to the bakery to take pictures from the plethora of cake wrecks.  There are just so many that we try to be rather covert about taking the pictures so no one figures out what we're doing.  I'm not sure who they have decorating cakes, but there is a very high chance you'll find some crazy stuff over at my local Walmart bakery.

I was just checking the blogs I read every day and what do I see?  This picture I sent into Cake Wrecks a few months ago.  I'm like totally famous now ;)

I thought maybe they didn't like my pictures or maybe my idea of a cake wreck wasn't the same as theirs or maybe I wasn't cool enough.  Cuz, I've sent in quite a few and have never seen a single one of mine posted, and I read their blog every day.  Then, I find this today!  Now, I've been validated for all my hard work in search of hideous cake wrecks.  (And, I think at any moment now I'm going to end up writing a huge run-on sentence.)

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claudia becker said...

hahaha, this is very funny, the site of the destroyed cakes made ​​me lots of laughs! Congratulations for your eye talent.