Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The TipToe Fairy Micro Boutique is Open!

My mom and I have a "microboutique," as she calls it, which is called The TipToe Fairy.  It is at this really awesome "etsy-esque" place known as the Creative Collective in Fort Worth. They opened for business on May 1st.  I had heard that the official Grand Opening was scheduled for May 12th, but I'm not sure if that has been pushed back.  However, they are indeed open for business now Wed-Sun. 

We've created a Facebook page for The TipToe Fairy.  I think if you "like" it, you'll get our updates, which will be about once a week about the new stuff up at the microboutique. 

Also, I created a blog where we will show pic of the latest things going up for sale.  You can find it here, The TipToe Fairy Blog. We were in such a rush to get things to the store, we forgot to take pictures of it all.  So, this picture shows a bunch of our wares.  Quilts, lots of applique baby things such as upcycled clothing and tiedyed onesies, freshly made one of a kind boutique outfits, and lots of baby things like yummy organic bamboo wipes. 

If you're local and interested in being a vendor at the Creative Collective, I think there are still spots open.  Their Facebook page is Creative Collective Fort Worth .

I'm so excited!  I heard through my mom that I've had some sales in the last day or so.  Woohoo! 

I've just spent the last day cleaning my sewing pit.  Boxes were EVERYWHERE!  I'm getting back to the sewing and will have lots more stuff coming soon (i.e. before the grand opening this weekend)...diaper bags, tote bags, one of a kind clothing, and more!

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