Wednesday, May 30, 2012

See You Later Alligator - bag toppers - so cute!!

UntitledI came across this blog, Anything But Perfect, with these bag toppers a few days ago and thought they were too adorable to pass up.  I thought they would be perfect for Em, who is in middle school, to give to her friends.  So tonight, we made these bags of goodies for her friends as tomorrow is the last day of school.

Albertson's was having a a "crazy 8" sale with tons of stuff just 88 cents.  One of the things was their store brand bags of candy as well as Haribo gummi bears.  So, we used about 1/2 a bag a candy each.  These were made with regular sandwich bags.  I printed the toppers on cardstock, then folded the sandwich bags over at the top and stapled.  Em's excited about giving them out tomorrow. 

{Free Printable} End of School Year Treat Bag Toppers

FYI, if you live in the DFW area and have an Albertson's, they have all kinds of goodies for 88 cents. I got 3 containers of fresh blackberries, a few Rock Star energy drinks, and a few Honest Tea all for just 88 cents each.  The sale started today and goes through next Tuesday.

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