Monday, July 16, 2007

The Fifth Ring of Hell...aka...Selling My House

I hate selling a house and this is the first one I've tried to sell. There's nothing like that early morning adrenaline rush when you've been awoken with a phone call from your realtor, "There's a realtor driving around your neighborhood and would like to look at your house RIGHT NOW!!!!!" WTH?? Um, hello, what happened to the - I need at least an hour's warning when you call - discussion we had when I first listed? This happened to be the time I skipped cleaning like a mad woman the night before. The one time I don't vacuum the floors and do the dishes before I got to bed.

So in hopes of finally getting out of here and moving closer to the kids' school (which is 35 miles away), we just lowered the price today by $5k. We have all new floors, ceramic tile, totally new bathrooms, we've painted the entire house, new roof, we've relandscaped, we live on huge a corner lot, I've dumped about 60% of the contents of our home in a storage unit. What more do you people freakin' want? just tell me, I'll do it.

Ok, I'll admit, I'm actually considering buying this. Am I crazy? I don't believe in superstitions, but I'm ready to try anything. Got any spells, chants, meditations, or magical amulets that sell houses, anybody?

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. said...

Our house was on the market for months... my mother bought us the St. Joseph statue with little book. We buried him in the front yard and did the little blessing instructed in the book. That night we got two offers on our house. I am a believer. Good Luck!