Monday, July 09, 2007

Date Night!

Well woo to freakin' hoo! The hubby and I left the kidlets at my MIL's house and went down the local Choctaw casino for a little white trash date of our very own. Who doesn't love the orchestra of a thousand slot machines, walking through a giant plume of cigarette smoke, and the odor of people who haven't left a slot machine in days? I know I do!!

We agreed to each blow $20 bucks, and my dear husband apparently was smokin' hot on Saturday night. He won $106 on the second $5 he stuck in the machine, and then he won another $40 a couple minutes later. I, on the other hand, won $10 and proceeded to blow it all in a record 2 minutes. So we cashed out with $160 after about 20 minutes of being there and left with the stink of cigarettes permanently absorbed into our skin and $120 richer than when we arrived.

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