Thursday, July 19, 2007

a little bit of this and that

I haven't updated in a couple days. I'm working on a few things, and I'm working on updating the waldorf doll sewalong with a downloadable pattern to use and I need to fix the missing pix.

Anyway, other than that life is boring right now, lol. I need to head down to my storage unit and grab some more fabric to finish the last of the nursing tutorial.

And who wants to make boutique applique stuff? I'm going to work on a little tutorial for making professional appliques. Sometimes I just hate the way people applique. I guess you can call me an applique snob, lol. Long ago in a time before Mr. E, I was quite the popular eBayin' boutique overall maker.

ok, now, there was something else I was going to mention, but it's left my brain. Crappity crap crap, I can't remember what it was. Argh.

Oh I got the coolest idea for my little tag obsession. Ya know I'm obsessed about those too? Anyway, so I was looking in this neat British craft magazine I picked up at BN and they have these little family tree type garlands made from those tags into pockets. But my idea is more for kids and very very cute. I'm going to try to whip up a protoype very soon.

Oh, oh, oh!! I remembered my idea I forgot. Who wants to learn how to make clothes for dolls? It's soooo easy. I don't even use patterns. I think this is a great way to teach kids how to design their own patterns. This will be my next tutorial after the nursing stuff.

I think I'm going to post the nursing stuff in phases. Since it's taking longer than I thought, I'm going to do like part 1, part 2, etc. Look for the first part this weekend.

Okeydoke, off to vacuum and clean, I'm having one of my intuitive moments telling me I'm going to get a last minute phone call tomorrow for people coming to look at my house.

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