Saturday, July 28, 2007

Part I Nursing Shirt Tutorial is Up!!

I disappeared for a few days, but I have returned! I had to finish the first module of my distance learning school before I could come back, and now I'm just waiting for my last test to be graded. It has three modules, but the first one is the longest.

Sorry this tutorial took so long, I swear whenever I plan something, life gets in the way...sigh.

So, if you want to learn how to turn a regular t-shirt pattern into a nursing shirt, here is part I. This part shows you how to create the extra pattern piece for the overlay. I have also included the text for part II and part III on sewing the shirt, but I am still working on those pictures, so they will be up very soon, but if you don't need a visual aide (which I require since I'm a visual learner), then you can easily finish on your own.

This particular pattern is how to do the "T-top" nursing shirt style. Basically, it is an overlay that is sewn down the middle of the shirt with one large nursing opening hidden underneath that you simply pull to one side or the other. This style is my favorite to sew and wear because people really can't tell it's a nursing shirt, especially if you use a print. Prints camouflage the overlay really well in this design.

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