Saturday, December 08, 2007

How to make Boutique Cowboy Pants

I saw these ridiculously expensive in a children's boutique store and decided to go home and make my own. This is a cowhide print fabric, but it is not regular woven, it's a thicker woven, though I'm not sure the name. It's not twill, it's almost has a fake linen look to it. Anyway, I got it at Walmart awhile ago. I also found a clip art picture with an abstract longhorn black and white cow print to match and printed it off on ironing transfer paper and ironed it to a white t-shirt. It seems to be MIA currently so I am without a picture.

This fabric is also black and white and I went with black fringe, at JoAnn I've seen brown and white and you can find the matching fringe in brown as well.

My son loves to play like he's a cowboy. His gramma got him a little holster with some little cowboy revolvers and a cowboy hat, so he has "cowboy" pants to complete his outfit.

How to Make Boutique Cowboy Pants

- basic elastic waist pants pattern
- fringe - faux leather - 1 1/2 yds for toddler size

1. Use any regular pants pattern that has a basic side seam. This needs to be for woven fabrics as knits will stretch too much for the fringe. I prefer a basic elastic waist woven pant pattern - Kwik Sew has these. I used the basic elastic waist shorts pattern from Kwik Sew for Children.

2. Cut out pant pieces from pattern. Sew both front pieces together and both back pieces together at the curved waist/crotch area.

3. Take one pant piece and measure the entire pant leg side seam, then subtract 4.5 inches to account for the waistband and hem.

4. Mark a dot 2.5 inches down from top of waist on side seam and 2 inches up from very bottom of pant leg for both side seams on the front piece.

5. Make a sandwich with the pant pieces by laying front pattern piece with right side up, then line up fringe between dots and along side seam edge with fringe facing inward along the edge of the side seam, then lay back piece with right side facing down. Make sure to line all of these up at the side seam and pin along the seam.

6. Then sew up the pant leg side seam on both sides.

7. Flip right side out to make sure none of the fringe got caught in the seam.

8. Then finish waistband with 1.25-inch waistband and 3/4 to 1 inch elastic, and hem the pants with a 1-inch hem.

** For an older child, simply measure their side seam to determine how much yardage for the fringe trim.


kawaii crafter said...

very clever

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I just made a pair for my son's Halloween costume and he loves them. I used brown alova suedecloth, black fringe, and a band of Indian ribbon around the ankle- he's going to be an Indian. And I am currently whipping up a little free-handed vest to go with it. I was going to just wrap him in a sheet but this is way more fun!
BTW, my whole shebang cost only 11$ with my JoAnn coupons. And Magic Cabin has a similar getup right now for like $80!
Thanks for the ideas!!!

momomom said...

Just made these- so cute! These plus a vest cost me only $10 in materials and my 4yo is in heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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