Monday, December 17, 2007

Waldorf Fairy - coming soon

So my kids and I don't like the ugly angel tree topper at the top of the Xmas tree. It's not something I broadcast loudly since I live in the belt buckle of the bible belt, but I am an athiest and since leaving christianity behind years ago, I really want to rid myself of christian icons around my house like angels, but my husband I got that tree topper our first Xmas together.'s ugly.

So my kids have been bugging me this weekend to make a new one, and I've just decided it's a perfect way to get my waldorf fairy tutorial completed and have a new tree topper at the same time. So...I'm posting this to remind myself when we get back from Oklahoma this week to create it. It will not be a complete doll since it will be a tree topper, but you can find the complete doll over in the freebies section. But it will teach you how to make fairy and elf ears for a waldorf doll and how to make an easy set of fairy wings, and how to make a cool tree topper all in the same tutorial.

Below are the best example pics I could find that I had. I think I'm going use posterboard covered in felt for the cone for the tree topper and then I'm going to use to make a body out of velour as well, similar to the pink fairy you see, and then it will have ears like the boy pixie. And I'm going to create the petal fairy skirt similar to the pink fairy to hide the connection between the body and posterboard cone.

We're taking the laptop so I'll hopefully have time to blog this week. But right now I have to finish my school work. I'm on the second to last section which is typing long surgeries which is kinda fun but scary when something starts going wrong. I just typed up a heart valve replacement and it took 3 tries to wean the guy off the heart bypass, yikes!

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