Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm a Craigslist Groupie!!

Remember way back, when I was toting the greatness of craigslist? Well I am SOOO excited because my dear husband is on his way home with an almost brand new full-size captain's bed for Mr E! Yippee!!

I had settled on getting a captain's bed, he loves his cousin's captain's bed, especially the "cave" on the side of the bed without drawers. So I have been scouring the local craigslist for about 3 months now trying to find him a good used bedroom set. His sister has a full size bed, so I was wanting to get him the same, but all I could find were twin size. He has a toddler bed from Ikea, but he will be 4 in a month and he has been needing more storage. So yesterday I found this ad for a full size captain's bed complete with bookshelf headboard and the mattress plus a matching chest of drawers...and they only wanted $400.'s hardly been used as it was their guest bed.

So I was thrilled when it was still available. But darn it, if 2 people tried to go look at it before we could get over there and buy it (which was because of the plumber who isn't showing up til Monday morning due to a leak we're having). But...with my magical wishing fairy spells, I wished those people away and they didn't show up last night and now it's MINE!!!! Em, Mr.E, and I have been dancing around the house celebrating the new "pirate bed" as Mr.E calls it.

And as soon as I get a minute, I have to tell you the story about Mindy the flying chihuahua dog.


Anandi said...

craigslist ROCKS. We've sold a ton of stuff on it, quickly. It's a simple, beautiful thing.

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