Thursday, December 20, 2007

OOOOOOOklahoma, where the winds come sweeping down the plain....

Howdy from Oklahoma!! The kidlets are having such a good time with their Meme, we stayed an extra day. We went to the big $10,000 drawing in downtown McAlester, OK tonight. We didn't win, but Meme and I are sneaking out in a few minutes to check out the Choctaw casino. She has never been inside a casino, so we're going to go blow $20 and see if we can win something in the slot machines. Cross your fingers! Last time Rob and I went, and he walked out after 20 minutes with over $100 in winnings.

And there is a big antique store literally just at the end of the road from my MIL's house, so she and I went there after lunch while the kids played outside with the dog and my dear husband watched sports, and I found some great buys. I found a basket of vintage tatted doilies for $2.00/ea, I got 2 gorgeous ones for my end tables. And I some pristine vintage sewing patterns from the 50s to frame in my "new" little sewing room. And just for fun, I found Mr. E and old toy gun holster with a play toy gun, and the toy gun was made out of metal instead of crappy plastic.

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