Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So we are still sick here at the house o'fun. I seem to be coming down with what everyone else has had. Mr E had to go back to the doctor again to change his drugs, which are finally working - yay! So...we spent all spring break sick and I get poor Miss Em up for school -- drive 35 miles to school, and she gets so sick, she can't leave the bathroom at school. So....we drive back home and the poor things sleeps for 7 hours straight. I feel so bad...I thought she was faking.

My mom (who reads my blog too) said my blog was loading slow, so I cleaned it up a bit and now it seems to be loading faster for me.

More sewing and crafty stuff coming this week when I get over this crud...ugh. Off to take a shower and get the snot from my dear children off of me.

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