Friday, March 07, 2008

What the Pink?

My husband thinks I'm crazy, and I wonder what they'll think at my children's private school, but...Tomorrow morning I am getting Cotton Candy pink highlights in my hair. I'm so excited!! I've been on baited breath since I made the appointment to get my hair colored pink at my last hair appointment. I don't know if I'll have the nerve to post a pic on my blog. I hate seeing pictures of myself, lol, plus that whole ex-girlfriend stalker thing of my husband's makes me hesitant to post pics and stuff anyway -- who knows where she's hiding these days. Did I tell you THAT story? Heck, I can't remember.

Ok first things first, freaky ex-girlfriend of my husband will be known as FEG in this story, which is short for -- if you couldn't figure it out, ;) -- freaky ex-girlfriend.

Ok well short version is....FEG bought something from me on eBay, sees a link on my ME page on eBay to a mom forum I used to frequent and then begins stalking me over there for several months, which was not just my opinion, others on the site found her behavior towards me very odd as well. So the crap hits the fan when FEG spends time doing detective work to find my husband's personal work number, and my husband works at a very secure defense company that specializes in secret government black programs. He can't even have a cell phone there. We can't quite figure out how FEG even determined where he worked, but she called to apologize for breaking up with him....20 freaking years ago. He didn't know about the whole stalking thing, but he got the distinct impression that she was looking for "more" than just an apology with him, if you know what I mean. Plus, FEG knew personal details about our family that she told him that just plain scared the crap out of me.

So...he told FEG to go to hell and my online friends confronted her on that site. Then, she up and disappeared. I think one of her lasts posts said something about her husband discovering what she had been up to and was not letting her on the internet anymore. Back when my husband knew her husband (she left my husband for him) my hubby said hers was a real nasty kind of guy, you know the my wife is below me and must submit kinda bullcrap.

Did I mention I was about 9 months pregnant and ready to pop with Mr. E when the whole thing went down in the end? After that, I got really concerned about putting identifying information about myself and my children out there since she disappeared, who knows if she'll ever resurface.

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Anonymous said...

Just take a picture of the back of your head! I'd love to see. Or cover your face with your hands.