Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back from OK

We returned in what looked like a blizzard last night from Oklahoma back home to Texas from the funeral. All the way home is snowed, but the roads were fine...so no snow day. So my kidlets played before school in the snow this morning.

I am so busy. I took yesterday off from work, to get on this morning and realize the chick who normally fills in for me did not finish all of last night's jobs, so...I have a hell of a lot of crap to do today. And my child missed school and has a stupid report due this Friday on Cuba....along with everyone having to bring a food sample for their country for International Day on Friday. I'm sorry, but I hate all these reports. Who ends up doing most of the work anyway? Why don't they just assign projects for parents instead? Sheesh. And the last basketball game is this weekend for Miss Em, and if they win, they are in the playoffs. Woohoo!!

So I have school work due on Friday. I have a costume to make by the end of the month, and Mr E is dying for some Robot pants as well as Pig pants from some cool Japanese fabrics I got in the mail the last couple of weeks....so hopefully after this fun-filled week I can put up some new fun cool projects here next week when I can breathe. I'm aiming to get my waldorf fairy thing up here asap.

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