Thursday, February 28, 2008

just one big crappy week

I'm too tired to tell y'all everyting, but in short, Atmos Energy can kiss my white patootie. They installed a new meter and left a note on my door to call them to get my gas turned on - ALL WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I've cussed a few people out on the phone this week.

And then today, a wonderful quilter died today, my grandmother-in-law also known as Mema. She was a crotchety old lady, but she could quilt your head off. I luckily has some wonderful quilts made by her - all by hand as well as countless pot holders and baby scrap quilts for my kids. Only the last big quilt was machine quilted because she couldn't see to do it anymore. She was an amazing quilter. I have a quilt top she never turned into a quilt that I think I'm going to have finished and given to my mother-in-law, she is taking this hard. She also was my partner in crime with breastfeeding, when no one else around me nursed, she and I talked about breastfeeding all the time when my daughter was a baby. She told me she nursed all of her boys until they went to school. In fact, one of them told me he still has memories of nursing after school when he was little.

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