Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby Kimono

So I was searching for a template to make paper dresses, and I happened upon this adorable little kimono top for babies over on Martha Stewart's site. At first I was thinking it was made out of paper, then as I looked at it, I realized it's a cute little top for your newborn baby. They are so adorable and quick to whip up for newborns. There is a pattern you print out and then tape together and the instructions have pictures included for easy sewing. I just had to share for those of you looking for free baby clothes sewing patterns. There is a mini picture of the entire pattern after you piece it together, and that you can use to make paper t-shirts or a baby kimono top for scrapbooking and altered art purposes.

Now I'm off to do some school work (almost done forever!!), then indulge in some paper dressmaking before bed. I found some adorable templates for paper dresses for scrapbooking and altered art that I'll put up when I upload pics of my paper dresses. You would not believe how hard a time I had finding these things. I thought I was going to have to competely go from scratch, which sometimes scares me. I am very visual, and I like to look at examples to get my inspirations a lot of times if I have never made something before; otherwise, I feel like I'm going into it blind and will totally screw it up.

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