Monday, August 25, 2008

My Weekend

So I screwed off a little bit these past couple of days. I finished my school work, and now I only have one test left and I'll be done and totally finished. I will graduate by Labor Day if it kills me, and then I swear to you I will have a party and melt those CDs with the horrid assignments, that or I will rip them apart and create altered art pins.

So I didn't make my ATCs for my trade. They aren't due for quite a while, and I'm not really worried about finishing them. However, I've been pushing around my book idea for like a year. I finally took the plunge this week. In the past 2 days, I've already written 32 pages. I am so thrilled! And the weird thing is, it's taking on a life of it's own, and I like it. At first it kind of freaked me out because I've read about writers who say when they write it takes unexpected turns. I kept thinking, yeah right, how can you be writing something and it does its own thing. They were right. My book has its own life. I can't believe the things that are coming out of my brain into this book.

Now for my premise. This is a bit embarrassing, but it's based on series of dreams I had. You know John Mayer? I lusted after that man big time, even now I blush when I see him on television - how stupid is that, lol? But his little fling with Jessica Simpson kinda turned me off of him, but I do still like his music.

So anyway, back to the dreams. I used to have these dreams about him, and I would have these dreams all the time. We would meet in the most strangest places, and the entire dream was either him trying to get to me, or me to him. So one morning I'd woken up from an extremely wonderful dream (that I refuse to go into details about since my mother is a reader here, lol), and I got to thinking about what if 2 people could somehow have some accidental connection and fall in love in a dream and then meet in real life and they realize they've been dreaming of the other one. So I went looking to see if there was a phenomenon like that, where people were both in the same dream. I discovered it's a whole weird psychic thing called mutual dreaming, but as I kept thinking about it for days on end, I decided that would be a neat idea for a novel. I went looking for any fiction books with this type of theme, and I really couldn't find anything.

At first I was going with a more adult type of fiction, but then I felt it fit better with young adult fiction, so instead of the main character being in her 30s, she's now a teenager. She's going to have to run away on a whim to get to him, and I felt it was more feasible with a young girl than some 30-something mother of toddlers.

I'm just so excited, I have so much to weave into the story with clues on how to find each other.

I'm really trying to get my nerve up to post an excerpt on my blog, but I am the biggest chicken in the entire world, so I'm not sure when I'll get the guts up to do it.

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