Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun Stuff

I'm leaving you with some of my favorite places to laugh when I'm pissed.

My personal favorite is Passive Aggressive Notes. After reading over there, I think people are officially crazy.

And this one I just found recently, Overheard in NYC - the things people say in public where someone else can hear you, you can't make this up it's so hilarious.

Can I just say this is one of the best headlines I've read in a while. When the Sex Coupons aren't from your wife. Do you read Dear Margo? She's Ann Lander's daughter, and she can be hilarious sometimes. But after this one, I've decided people are idiots. Why do you need to write an advice columnist and ask what to do if someone other than you gives your husband sex coupons?

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dyeabolical said...

I have a few that come to my feed reader, so I can read them before going to work in the morning - gets me in a better mood. I love passive agressive, but you might like - it is my current fav.
This one has some real gems - they are customer service conversations with some real doozies of customers.
Not affiliated, just love the laughs...