Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sitemeter can take a flying leap

So I thought there was something wrong with my computer because I couldn't edit my blog and my obsession with Perez Hilton wouldn't work either (gawd, lately he's been annoying me and I haven't been reading hardly at all). So...I switched to my other computer and it wouldn't bring up either site, it kept saying "abort - blah, blah, blah". Apparently, my counter which a TON of blogs use as well called Sitemeter updated something and it's totally farking up the internet. So I've decided Sitemeter can go to hell for all I care and I need to find a new counter and stat site.

So I have taken the Sitemeter counter off my site, and it should open just fine now for Internet Explorer users. could use the wonderful never a problem Firefox, like I've now permanently switching to.

Sorry for the delay, I just realized the problem about an hour ago. I was awarded the Bad Mommy Award in the ER tonight with my poor sweet little Mr E. He was standing in his chair at dinner and fell off and busted his chin, so now he has stitches. He was covered in blood and so was I. He had a fork in his hand and when I picked him up off the floor, I just knew I was going to see a fork stab wound in his throat. Scared the crap out of me. Thankfully he just hit the table corner and had a large but superficial gash.

I'm such a bad mommy for not telling him to sit down. In the ER, the anticipation and waiting to get the stitches was the scariest thing for him. He would just start crying and asking me how bad it would hurt. So at midnight or so when we finally were discharged, he and I were at Walmart buying lots of Batman toys and donuts to celebrate his bravery.

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