Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Butterfly Fairy

So this is the second ATC in my Fairy ATC swap. I call it Butterfly Fairy. I'm thinking it needs something in the upper right corner, but I'm not sure what. It still looks kinda naked to me, lol. I think my swapper person will like it because her username has butterfly in it....hopefully she will. This vintage picture is from a collection I bought of magician vintage posters from Lunagirl. She has all kinds of collage pictures, and great quality stuff. I get the ones that are digital downloads so they show up instantly to print, as I have no patience to wait on a CD in the mail.

I'm so excited about my jewelry class this weekend with my mom, she's so much fun to go to stuff like this with, and I never get to do it. I

Ok, gotta get back to work, today is the last day of pay period. I'll post pics of my cool new jewelry makings from my class this weekend.

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