Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And here is what an $1800 pipe looks like

Yep, here is what an $1800 pipe looks like. Not much huh? See that tiny little hole? That is apparently a HUGE hole. That little sucker caused some major problems for us.

I've been meaning to post this, but my computer with the card slots for my digital camera is sitting at Fry's Electronics waiting for a new motherboard (for free! thank goodness for warranties).

Anyway, we came home from a little trip to Meme's house and hear this noise in the wall of the bathroom that sounds like water is spraying everywhere. My husband goes to the closet behind the bathroom to see if he can find the leak by cutting a chunk of drywall out and nothing is there, but an entire fire ANT COLONY!!! OMG!! They came pouring out. It took 2 days to get them all out.

Anyway, we had a slab leak - $400 to find it, then $1400 for them to jack hammer a 2 x 2 ft section of our slab in my son's bedroom to repair it. The fun adventures in homeowner land. They think it's been leaking for a long time and it finally just got huge. And that noise we heard? It was just the sound of air bubbles in the pipe from the leak. That was relief, I was picturing the wall filling up with water.

I somehow psychically new this was going to happen and cleaned out the closet where I had kept all my sewing stuff and a few days later this happened and the carpet was soaked in that closet from the leak.

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